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Five Misconceptions about James O’Keefe

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By Kristen Tate

We allowed O’Keefe to respond to the most common accusations reported – often untruthfully – by the left-wing media.

James, people say you are an admitted criminal. Why would you be questioning Battleground’s potentially criminal activity when you yourself are a convicted criminal? 

My crime was a false pretense. I opened the door to a federal building in Louisiana. I said I was waiting there for somebody, when in fact I was not. The federal judge in Louisiana destroyed federal evidence and the U.S. attorney who prosecuted me resigned in disgrace — the mainstream media selectively edited those parts out.

So compare my crime to Battleground’s voter fraud crime. Compare my crime with copying private cell phone numbers off voter registration forms.

In a recent Breitbart piece, you said that Battleground is the new ACORN. But you settled a $100,000 lawsuit with ACORN. How can you defend this?

That lawsuit had nothing to do with lying or doctoring footage — it was over an invasion of privacy. Some states have recording statutes that require you to get permission from the person you’re filming. California, where I was, is one of those states. I argued that that statute is unconstitutional.

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