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Executive Director of Siemens Energy Admits Green Energy is Duplicitous; Engages in 'Marketing Fluff' 

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[New York City, N.Y.] Project Veritas released a new undercover video today exposing Siemens Energy’s Executive Director explaining how Siemens is profiting from the Inflation Reduction Act, even laughing at the oxymoronic naming convention of what he believes is causing inflation.

Fangmeier explains, “[The Inflation Reduction Act is] like the opposite. Where actually it’s causing inflation because there is a bunch of money being spent.”

Siemens Energy is a nearly $33B company. Fangmeier clarifies that Siemens primary revenue comes from gas turbines, despite the fact that they promote themselves as a green energy company focused on electrolyzing hydrogen power.

Mr. Fangmeier states casually that CEOs of energy companies will be replaced if they fully comply with ESG (Enviornmental, Social and Corporate Governance), despite the fact that his own company appears to do so publicly.

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Clark Fangmeier, Executive Director for Siemens Energy:

"Every CEO will lose a job tomorrow if he says, 'Hey, we're going to lose money, but we're going to comply with ESG.'"

"Internally, you know, where's our revenue coming from? Gas turbines. Not hydrogen."

"Siemens Energy is Also Guilty of [Marketing Fluff]."

"Where actually it’s [The Inflation Reduction Act], causing inflation because there is a bunch of money being spent... It's an oxymoron."

"Incentives drive behavior."

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