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Did a New Hampshire Election Official Lie to Discredit Evidence of Voter Fraud?

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In the wake of Project Veritas’ shocking report on voter fraud in New Hampshire, Paul Bergeron, the City Clerk of Nashua, appeared on Al Sharpton’s PoliticsNation and claimed to be aware of only one instance of voter fraud in the entire state. Unfortunately, according to, “Bergeron is lying. Indeed, his own words show that voter fraud and election fraud happens in New Hampshire all too often.

Indeed, it seems to happen whenever he bothers to look. In 1999, “a Nashua man voted in one ward and then traveled to another ward and asked for a ballot using another’s name,” Bergeron told The Union Leader… In Plymouth, a Tilton man pled guilty to misdemeanor voter fraud and was fined $800, according to Bergeron. In 2004, Bergeron told The Union Leader that he occasionally catches Massachusetts residents using mailbox addresses to avoid higher car taxes and accidentally registering to vote.” While Mr. Bergeron may not have caught many fraudulent voters over the years, it’s hard to believe that’s because there weren’t any.

After all, in New Hampshire, voters can register on the day of the election with an out-of-state ID, or with no ID at all if they sign an affidavit claiming to be a citizen of the state. But, as former Nashua alderman Fred Teebom told The Union Leader, “there’s nobody checking these affidavits … they’re just open invitation to fraud.” An “open invitation to fraud” sounds exactly like what Project Veritas and our citizen journalists found during the course of our own investigation and then documented on camera for the world to see.

The article then went on to point out, “Bergeron also claims that once a month his staff confirms the deaths of Nashua voters, but the fact that O’Keefe’s associates could obtain a ballot for Nashua voters Reynold Caron (deceased October 14, 2011) and Joseph Boucher (deceased November 26, 2011) shows that his system is faulty.” Yet Paul Bergeron, the man Nashua residents pay to oversee this flawed system, says there is no problem and Project Veritas should be prosecuted simply for telling the truth.

Who would you believe?

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