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Democratic Operatives in Lawsuit Deposition for 'Gotcha B*tch' Attack, Their Selective Editing 'Because it Wasn’t Necessary' in the Narrative They 'Were Trying to Produce'

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Key Points

  • Democracy Partners Operative Lauren Windsor and Her Associate Ryan Clayton Chased Down and Screamed Profanities at Veritas Journalist Allison Maass in Washington, D.C. Due to Maass’ Work Exposing Democracy Partners for Promoting Violence at Trump Rallies in 2016

  • Lauren Windsor and Ryan Clayton Released a Video of the Harassment Incident and Selectively Edited Out the Parts Where Clear Verbal Abuse Towards Allison Maass Took Place

  • Democracy Partners Suffered an Early Defeat in Their Lawsuit Against Project Veritas as Two of Their Five Counts Were Dismissed by the Federal Judge, Project Veritas Expects to Win the Three Remaining Counts

  • Project Veritas is Undefeated in Litigious Attacks on Investigations and is Willing to Continue Fighting Frivolous Lawsuits to Protect Journalism and the First Amendment

Video Thumbnail Loop

[Mamaroneck, N.Y. – April 15, 2020] In the full video, Windsor and Clayton screamed profanities at Allison Maass for her investigative journalism that exposed Democracy Partners' activities. Maass attempted to get in a cab to leave the scene, but Clayton continued to follow her into the vehicle. Maass was only able to find safe refuge when entering the lobby of a hotel. Following this incident, Windsor and Clayton went on to publish only parts of the encounter to construct a false narrative about what took place.

In one of the depositions in this lawsuit, Lauren Windsor was questioned about her behavior towards Veritas journalist Allison Maass.

Here is the exchange between PVA’s attorney, Paul Calli, and Lauren Windsor at her deposition:

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “So, you edited out these parts where, these first two parts where you and Mr. Clayton were confronting Ms. Maass? You didn’t include those?”

Lauren Windsor: “I object to your characterization
of my actions.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Okay. You’re not a lawyer so your lawyer is here, and he’ll object for you so what I am asking you is…”

Lauren Windsor: “Well, I disagree with your characterization of my actions.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Which part? Which part?”

Lauren Windsor: “That I edited anything out.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Oh, okay. So, what did you do that these parts didn’t make the video?”

Lauren Windsor: “Well, so it’s called editing. And it’s what your client engages in when he makes videos.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney:Okay, same exhibit.”

(plays Clayton clip)

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Is that Mr. Clayton again?”

Lauren Windsor: “It is.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “And just play to 926, please.”

(plays clip)

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Did those last two statements
make your published final version of this confrontation with Ms. Maass?”

Lauren Windsor: “I don’t believe so.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Why not?”

Lauren Windsor: “We chose not to publish any video from that.”

Paul Calli, PVA Attorney: “Why not?”

Lauren Windsor: “Because it wasn’t necessary in the narrative that we were trying to produce.”

While investigating Democracy Partners, Allison Maass was following a proud tradition
of undercover journalists who exposed corruption and wrongdoing wherever it could be found. It took true courage for Maass to infiltrate Democracy Partners and uncover the scale of malfeasance orchestrated by that organization.

As announced earlier this week, the Clinton-connected organization, Democracy Partners,
suffered two early defeats in a lawsuit they brought against Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action Fund (PVA). Democracy Partners is vengefully suing because of the released series of videos that exposed their unethical behavior in the 2016 presidential election.

The lawsuit does not challenge the truthfulness of what was presented in the videos. Instead, Democracy Partners claims the Veritas journalist involved in the investigation, Allison Maass, broke laws while newsgathering.

As for the remaining three counts in the lawsuit against Project Veritas, the organization remains confident it will secure ultimate legal victory, consistent with two other counts have already been dismissed by the Federal Judge.

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