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Demand Information From the NJEA

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Our 2018 teachers union investigations have so far exposed two corrupt individuals: Dr. David Perry of Hamilton Township and Kathleen Valencia of Union City.

Perry was suspended after our video showed him willing to “back-date” reports and “bend the truth” to protect who he thought was an abusive teacher. Watch video 1.

Valencia admitted the union protected a “teacher who had sex with… a teenage girl. She also was willing to cover up the abuse of a “scumbag” student. Watch video 2.

Since the release of these videos, we have had parents from all over New Jersey reach out to us to let us know what they think. Here are some comments we received so far:

“Hmmmmm. Like how Hamilton Twp never did anything when my then-7th grader was grabbed by her sweatshirt and shoved across the room?! Yeah makes me wanna homeschool my kids. Can’t trust anyone!”

“If you are a parent whose child attends a public NJ school and there is a problem with a teacher, coach or support person and you take it to the attention of the NJEA leadership, you can be almost certain nothing will happen to the NJEA member, but I can assure you the child will have a miserable school experience.”

“Thank you and God bless you all for the recent work you have done in New Jersey…I hope your work reaches as many people in NJ as it can.”

“If a teacher is fired 5x for drugs, it is the BOE and Dr. Rocco’s responsibility to keep our children safe. Perry should NEVER have that kind of power over the district.”

“Perry needs to go. Period. What a disgrace. Our kids, our schools and community are better than this and Dr. Rocco needs to take action much further than suspending Perry. #protectourkids”

NJEA has failed to address what they will do about their members abusing students. Parents everywhere have the right to know the names of any accused abusers in their public schools. Students deserve to feel safe at public schools.

All parents should contact the NJEA at (609) 599-4561 or online to demand the following be revealed to the public:

  • How many allegations of physical or sexual abuse occurred in each district in the state last year?

  • What are the names of any and all teachers who are still teaching and have been accused of physical or sexual abuse in the state?

  • How many teachers are currently on paid leave for physical and sexual abuse allegations?

  • What is the name of the teacher that Kathleen Valencia says “had sex with a student”

What will the NJEA do to keep students safe at school?

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