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Congress Continues to Block ACORN Funding

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The impact of investigative journalism is often shocking and evokes strong responses. Yet what is more telling is the impact investigative journalism has over time. The new appropriations bill currently being debated in Congress includes language blocking any funding to ACORN or its subsidiaries, years after James exposed the waste & corruption rampant within the program. In fact, ACORN funding has been blocked 13 times since the organization was shut down after releasing the explosive undercover videos. James’ investigation shutdown ACORN, and clearly, many want to ensure it remains dead. This angers just as many. In baseless defense of the shutdown some continue to claim the video was “selectively edited” and “manipulated.” If that were the case however, why did Clark Hoyt, NY Times Editor and Pulitzer winner in an editorial titled, “The ACORN sting revisited” say “the most damning words match the transcripts and the audio, and do not seem out of context.” The New York Times legitimated the videos. Let’s remember: The New York Times is our biggest critic. (And that’s putting it lightly)

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