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The third video of this Project Veritas series on Common Core shows a former executive for Pearson, the country’s leading textbook publishing company, admitting that elements of Common Core intentionally push elitist indoctrination upon students.

In James O’Keefe’s video, Kimberly Koerber, a former executive for Pearson who now works for National Geographic, was caught on camera justifying the Common Core curriculum on the grounds of anti-American and unconstitutional values.

“People that are not educated, Fox TV viewers, think that Common Core comes from the educated liberal groups and that’s why they are against it. They don’t know anything about it,” revealed Koerber to undercover Project Veritas journalists.

“The dead white guys did not create this country” and “Damn the Second Amendment” are examples of other statements made by Koerber on hidden camera.

Although Common Core has been a controversial topic for several years, O’Keefe’s recent undercover videos have resurrected the Common Core debate and have helped bring the issue to the campaign trail.

“Nobody can win when you’re in favor of Common Core. It’s a disaster,” said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, speaking to the same South Carolina audience O’Keefe addressed the following day.

“I haven’t seen the video on Common Core,” said Senator Ted Cruz. “I saw that he [O’Keefe] did it. I’ve seen a lot of his other videos…I’ll tell you this, as President I will instruct the Department of Education to end Common Core on day one.”

“The real issues for Common Core is the elites in our culture who want to indoctrinate our young people into a certain way to think, a certain belief structure, and it’s all spread out through Common Core,” said former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

Following the release of two Project Veritas undercover videos that focused on the corporate cronyism foundation of Common Core, top textbook publishing companies and presidential candidates are responding. Houghton-Mifflin CEO Linda Zelcher told the Daily Mail that she was “appalled by these comments” and the employment of two HMH executives was terminated.

Pearson, the nation’s largest publishing company, released this statement: “The comments in this video in no way represent Pearson’s values or business practices. They are offensive to our 40,000 employees, many of whom are parents, former teachers, or students themselves, and are dedicated to working each and every day to help people make more of their lives through learning.”

“Thanks to these undercover videos, we’ve now injected faces into the Common Core debate,” said Project Veritas President James O’Keefe. “With this third video, we’ve shown that there is truly an elitist liberal agenda behind the destruction of America’s public education system. I am putting everyone on notice, if you are using taxpayer money to brainwash our children, I’m going to teach you a lesson and make you an unwilling Internet

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