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CNN UPDATE: Project Veritas Met with Silence After Asking White House Correspondent Jeremy Diamond About Network’s ‘Propaganda’ Scandal

  • Project Veritas caught up with CNN White House Correspondent Jeremy Diamond in Washington, DC over a week ago to ask about PV’s recent reporting -- showing technical director Charlie Chester referring to the network as “propaganda.”

  • Chester also said, “fear sells” and claimed there is a special red “bat phone” used by network President Jeff Zucker, to influence coverage and increase Coronavirus hype.

  • After one of our undercover reporters approached Diamond to ask for comment on Chester’s statements, they were met with the same cone of silence other CNN employees have embraced when they’ve been approached to go on record.

  • To this day, no one at CNN has officially responded to Veritas’ video tape release, which included Chester saying that coverage will shift from COVID-19 to Climate Change but will retain the same fear-driven tactics, to help push a political agenda.

[WESTCHESTER, NY – May 11, 2021] CNN White House Correspondent Jeremy Diamond was confronted by one of our undercover reporters recently in Washington, DC for comment, regarding the Charlie Chester scandal.

Chester, a technical director at CNN, was caught back in April on undercover videos admitting the network openly engages in “propaganda” and “fear” to drive ratings and keep their audience engaged.

Diamond responded with the same deafening silence every other CNN employee has responded with thus far.

Project Veritas will continue to hold those at CNN accountable and will not stop asking questions until Chester’s employment status is revealed, and his comments addressed.

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