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Clinton-Connected Democracy Partners Handed Two Early Defeats in Its Lawsuit Against Project Veritas: Court Dismisses “Trespass” and “Breach of Fiduciary Duty” Counts

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Key Points

  • Democracy Partners was Exposed by Project Veritas Action Fund for Promoting Violence at Trump Rallies in 2016 and It Has Been Seeking Revenge Through Litigation

  • Project Veritas is Confident That a Trial on the Remaining Counts in the Lawsuit Will Result in a Veritas Victory; Remaining Counts Include “Unlawful Interception of Oral Communications,” “Fraudulent Misrepresentation,” and “Civil Conspiracy”

  • Project Veritas is Undefeated in Litigious Attacks on Investigations

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[Mamaroneck, N.Y. – April 13, 2020] Recently a Clinton-connected organization, Democracy Partners, received two early defeats in a lawsuit they brought against Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action Fund.


In 2016, Project Veritas Action Fund released a series of videos exposing Democracy Partners’ role in instigating violence at Trump campaign rallies.

Featured in those videos were Bob Creamer, founder of Democracy Partners, Scott Foval, former National Field Director for Americans United for Change, among other pro-Clinton political operatives.

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BOB CREAMER, DEMOCRACY PARTNERS: “We’ve got to get this sh*t done…”

SCOTT FOVAL, AMERICANS UNITED FOR CHANGE: “We’re starting anarchy here…”

Due to the impact the videos had; Democracy Partners filed a lawsuit as a form of getting revenge against Project Veritas.

The lawsuit does not challenge the truthfulness of what was presented in the videos, instead Democracy Partners is claiming that the Veritas journalist involved in the story broke laws while news gathering. Two of the original counts in its lawsuit were dismissed by a federal judge.

Last year in a similar case, United States District Court Judge Martin Reidinger of the Western District of North Carolina, dismissed a lawsuit against Project Veritas brought by Shirley Teter. In that case, Teter was claiming that Project Veritas had caused her damage by releasing a video of Scott Foval naming her as a “birddog,” an agent in support of the Clinton campaign inciting a disturbance at a Trump campaign rally in 2016.

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When dismissing the Teter case, Judge Reidinger had the following to say about journalists’ right to exercise their First Amendment rights and freely report their findings to the public:

I keep running that Mike Wallace analogy through my mind. If you [Teter] made this argument against Mike Wallace, would everybody in the room laugh?”

“…if I have gotten this [ruling] wrong, and the Fourth Circuit says that this is not what the law is, I hesitate to think where the First Amendment is going in this country.”

There is a long and profound history of undercover journalists secretly infiltrating
organizations and covertly recording conversations. Project Veritas’ journalist was following that tradition when she recorded Creamer and his cohorts planning and bragging about their dirty campaign tricks.

The federal judge in the Democracy Partners v. Project Veritas lawsuit dismissed the
“trespass” and “breach of fiduciary duty” counts, which greatly reduced the issues that will go to trial.

The issues left for the jury to decide are counts of “unlawful interception of oral communications,” “fraudulent misrepresentation,” and “civil conspiracy.” Project Veritas remains confident it will secure another win as its journalism has proven to be unassailable. Attacks like this one, have failed every time.

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