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Chiefs For Change Policy Advocate Caught On Hidden Camera Reveals Biden Administration’s Secret “Backup” Student Loan Program to Circumvent Supreme Court Ruling

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[WASHINGTON D.C.] Project Veritas revealed today President Biden’s alleged secret “backup plan” discovered ahead of the Supreme Court striking down his Executive Order on Student Loan Forgiveness.

Today, the Supreme Court argued Biden should have sought Congressional approval before attempting to implement what would be a substantial taxpayer expense. Nonprofit Chiefs For Change Federal Policy Director, Makese Motley, on undercover camera, told our journalist that the Biden administration anticipated the Supreme Court’s position on this matter and is already working to circumvent the ruling.

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MOTLEY: "Most people I don't think even understand what the f*** is going on."

MOTLEY: “…The Biden administration’s backup plan is that they may change the IBR (Income-Based Repayment Plan for Federal Student Loans) program and raise the floor of what would be a $0 per month payment… $80k is what they’re looking to do. And that would make more people eligible for $0 per month but then that would be credited as payment. So, they are working on a backup plan.”

MOTLEY: “…The Department of Education doesn’t know how to count. Figuratively and literally.”

MOTLEY: “Your second graders can count better than the US Department of Education. Take my word for it.” 

MOTLEY: “At the end of the day you basically put a whole swath of federal government on the backs of middle class and poor people.”

JOURNALIST: “Have they not announced that yet?”

MOTLEY: “No they haven’t. They're waiting until after the Supreme Court.”

JOURNALIST: “Wait, should I not tell anyone what you said?”

MOTLEY: “I would prefer you not! (laughs)”


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