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Caught on Camera: Electioneering at the Polls

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It’s happening again.

At this very moment, Project Veritas investigators are all over the country capturing some extremely disturbing Election Day footage. For instance, at MULTIPLE voting locations we caught poll supervisors ON CAMERA telling people not to vote for Romney!

…Some were even openly mocking his Mormon beliefs.

And take a look at this EXCLUSIVE PHOTO from INSIDE one polling place:

Notice anything strange? What is a uniformed law enforcement officer doing standing next to a large color photograph of President Obama?

Not enforcing the law, that’s what.

There can be no doubt that election laws are being broken all over the country today.

As promised, brave Project Veritas investigators are gathering evidence of that voter fraud and intimidation RIGHT NOW.

– And we’ll bring you the evidence of what we’ve uncovered, just as soon as the footage gets in from the field.

Stay tuned for more shocking details and the full footage to come in our Election Day 2012 special report.

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