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Border Security is National Security

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Over the past month, Project Veritas concluded investigations aimed at showing the lies of the Obama Administration and many members of the House and the Senate who have stated that “our borders are secure.”

Our first investigation targeted the U.S.-Mexican border, where we crossed the Grande Rio, from Mexico to the U.S., dressed as Osama Bin Laden. Not once were we stopped or questioned. Our investigation proved even further that the border fence came to an abrupt end, where illegal immigrants or even terrorists could easily just walk around.

And even worse, there were no border patrol agents to be found. Click here to watch the video. Our second investigation took place on Lake Erie, where a man dressed as a member of ISIS, boarded a boat from Canada bound for the U.S. He sailed all the way to the docks of Cleveland, Ohio carrying a bag of imitation ricin and materials infested with the Ebola virus.

The “ISIS terrorist” was even able to make it all the way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without anyone attempting to stop him.

Today, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed to Congress that ISIS militants are planning to enter the porous southern U.S. border. View the article here.

The facts are clear. Our leaders in Washington have said time and time again that “our border is secure.” Through our investigations, we have exposed their lies. It is time our President and Congress come together, secure the border and tell the truth to the American People because BORDER SECURITY IS NATIONAL SECURITY.

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