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BGTX Still Silent on Illegal Data Mining

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Days after Project Veritas broke an investigation into Battleground Texas, Jennifer Longoria, and their illegal data mining efforts, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst responded demanding an investigation. Battleground Texas has yet to respond to the illegal activity caught on tape, instead choosing to attack James O’Keefe personally.

James O’Keefe made the following statement about these attacks in a recent op-ed to “Perhaps the most shocking however is Battleground Texas’ response, or lack thereof. They aren’t saying much, instead attacking myself–not addressing the illegality of what they are doing The thing is, deflection only works for so long.  Battleground Texas will be forced to account for their illegal activity. Sadly, this certainly isn’t all Project Veritas has caught them doing.”

Battleground Texas was founded by Obama’s former national field director Jeremy Bird and is staffed by largely former Obama campaign operatives. Battleground Texas’ illegal data mining methods and the close ties the organization’s leadership has leads to very serious questions regarding how President Obama’s campaign obtained such high-quality data. So high quality in fact, it is said to have swung the 2012 election.

The original investigation can be found here.

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