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Battleground Texas Ends ‘Questionable’ Voter Registration Practice

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Last week, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released video showing Battleground Texas operative Jennifer Langoria admitting that the group uses its voter registration activities to
conduct data-mining operations. It collects people’s personal
information off of the voter registration forms it gets them to fill out, which is against state law governing the behavior of voter registrars in the state.

For a week, Democrat Wendy Davis has remained silent on the matter. The media in Texas have either clouded the issue or not asked her about it. Battleground Texas has defended the practice as legal.

But today, at the tail end of a Reuters infomercial on BGTX, the group admits that it has quietly scuttled the tactic. Reuters didn’t just bury the lead, it sunk it at the bottom of a trench.

Read the entire article on PJ Media here.

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