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Project Veritas released a video on February 24, 2021, leaked by an anonymous Salesforce Insider exposing the company’s executives adhering to “Cancel Culture” mentality following the events at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. The Salesforce executives were recorded on Jan. 13.

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On their website, Salesforce states they are the world’s top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with over 150,000 clients. Salesforce alleges they “bring companies and customers together” -- that allegation is now worthy of some serious questions.  

Bret Taylor, Salesforce’s President and Chief Operating Officer, said that what happened in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 has forced the company to rethink how they do business.

“Since the events of the 6th [of January], I think one of the things that really impacts Salesforce is the national conversation about the role of technology in inciting that mob, disseminating misinformation and fomenting extremism,” Taylor said.

“What we’ve done in light of the events of Jan. 6 is recognize a much broader range of messages have the potential to incite politically motivated violence,” he said.

Taylor specifically mentioned Salesforce’s contract with the Republican National Committee when he explained some of the changes being implemented.

“We’ve engaged with the RNC to communicate that no messages on behalf of President Trump and no messages questioning the validity or integrity of the election are allowed on our platform under the guidelines that they may incite violence given the escalated conditions in the United States right now,” he said.

“We’re looking across our customer base to make sure our technology is not being used by businesses or platforms that are inciting political violence,” he said.

Taylor’s statements leave room for questions about whether journalists who exposed incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud in 2020 will now be de-platformed by Salesforce.

In the same internal meeting, Salesforce’s Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, Eric Loeb, said the platform would specifically target politicians that objected to Biden’s certification.

“We are pausing all PAC contributions…the pause or suspension certainly includes the suspension of any contributions to members of Congress that voted to object to the [presidential election] certification,” Loeb said.

Salesforce informed Project Veritas around the same time that they were ending our working relationship, stating that it was a “business decision.” Project Veritas asked Salesforce for clarification on this matter, but it was never provided.

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