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American Pravda, WaPo: National Security Reporter Says Russia Story is “f*cking crap shoot…” and “Maybe it doesn’t exist, we haven’t found it yet.”

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  • Adam Entous, National Security Reporter for Washington Post Says of Russia Story, “There’s no evidence of that that I’ve seen so far.”

  • Director of Newsroom Operations Melissa McCullough Expresses Personal Biases

  • James O’Keefe: “The media wants me to kneel down and apologize. I will not.”

  • Continuation of American Pravda Series Which Began With CNN

(New York) In this all new Project Veritas video, two Washington Post employees are caught on hidden camera expressing their biases and acknowledging that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative has no foundation.

The Washington Post’s National Security Reporter Adam Entous says that the Trump-Russia story doesn’t hold much weight:

“But we really haven’t addressed… Our reporting has not taken us to a place where I would be able to say with any confidence that the result of it is going to be the president being guilty of being in cahoots with the Russians. There’s no evidence of that that I’ve seen so far.

“We’ve seen a lot of flirtation, if you will, between them but nothing that, in my opinion, would rank as actual collusion. Now that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, it just means we haven’t found it yet. Or maybe it doesn’t exist.”

Entous, who says he does “most of this reporting” on Russian collusion continues to describe the investigation as a “f*cking crap shoot.”

Melissa McCullough, the Director of Newsroom Operations, expresses her bias against Trump, admitting “let’s just hope he doesn’t get re-elected in another three years.” She soon realized her mistake, saying “I shouldn’t be saying these things because we don’t… We’re not supposed to really talk about that kind of stuff.”

“The mainstream media want to destroy Project Veritas. Why? Because we hold them accountable. They see us as their enemy. Those who dwell within the media complex cannot abide us. It is not just their jobs they are worried about. It is their power,” says founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe.

“Project Veritas has a stone lodged between Goliath’s eyes. The media wants me to kneel down and apologize. I will not. We will keep pushing, we will keep fighting, we will expose the truth because there’s no one else doing it. They’re out for blood, but we will not surrender.”

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