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A Tribute to My Mentor and Media Warrior - Andrew Breitbart

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Ten years ago today, the irreplaceable patriot and fighter, Andrew Breitbart, passed away. He was only 43 years old. 

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Andrew was known to many for his brilliance, tenacity, and resolve. He was the quintessential “happy warrior.”

He was also my mentor, who gave me a platform to publish the videos that exposed ACORN in 2009 and kickstarted my career as a journalist. As a result, ACORN was defunded by a Democratically-controlled House of Representatives and Senate -- and ultimately closed its doors.

When it came to the media, Andrew would tell me:

"People are going to say whatever and try to claim whatever to try and take us out. They have an irrational fear of us. They want us on a leash. We're not going to be on a leash. They want us to dance. We're not going to dance with them."

For these and many other reasons, I have recorded a message for Andrew on this solemn day.

I know Andrew still looks over us. His spirit lives within all of us here at Project Veritas.

In an email on the day Andrew passed away, I wrote the following: 

"There is nothing in this life as sweet as justice and nothing as motivating as injustice. A lot of people in the media and in the wider world waste their time pursuing power, money and glory. I've always found more interesting and important the pursuit of justice, the fight to expose facts and inform people, which can be quite a battle in an of itself. There is noble purpose in fighting. Andrew Breitbart took up arms in that fight with a zeal, an energy, and an optimism which was and always will be an inspiration to me. He fought with everything he had to expose media injustice."

Without Andrew’s guidance, Veritas would not be the place that it is today.

Thank you, Andrew. Rest In Peace.

James O'Keefe III

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