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A Long History of Voter Fraud

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Despite the spin coming from the establishment media and politicians, it’s no secret that voter fraud is a problem in America. Even the Supreme Court has acknowledged as much. Speaking from his own personal experience and knowledge of history, Justice John Paul Stevens said in 2008, “Unfortunately, the United States has a long history of voter fraud that has been documented by historians and journalists.”

In other words, with our recent investigative reports, the citizen journalists at Project Veritas are simply the latest, and perhaps the most effective, in a long line of our peers to shed light on this problem.

National Review’s John Fund recently joined James O’Keefe for the True the Vote summit in Houston to discuss the pervasiveness of voter fraud. Afterwards, he said: “filmmaker James O’Keefe demonstrated just last month how easy — and almost impossible to detect — voter impersonation can be: A white 22-year-old assistant of O’Keefe’s was offered the Washington, D.C., primary ballot of Attorney General Eric Holder, the most visible opponent of ID laws.”

Of course, he’s right and the bipartisan list of speakers in Houston representing men and women of many different races agreed.

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