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30,000 Dead Voters: A letter from James O’Keefe

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Dear Project Veritas Supporters,

I have exciting news: Eric Holder’s Department of Justice “approved” New Hampshire’s new Voter ID law that was inspired by our investigation earlier this year. This shows the real impact of our work . . . but we’re just getting started. Since January, our investigations have shown that ballots can be offered to just about anyone who enters a polling place and pronounces the name of a voter — dead or alive. As you may know, Project Veritas released a report on voter fraud in North Carolina — and it seems our worst fears have been proven right. Independent investigators presented the North Carolina Board of Elections with a list of 30,000 RESIDENTS who died between 2002 and 2012 – but are STILL registered to vote. That’s 30,000 opportunities for voter fraud in a state that President Obama won by just 14,000 votes in 2008! This proves how much more work we need to do to expose voter fraud . . . but we can’t do it alone. We launched a campaign asking Americans to tell Eric Holder to END VOTER FRAUD NOW. Over 660,000 people received a message from me this morning asking them to send a message to Eric Holder and demand that he permit enforcement of all federal and state laws to protect the integrity of America’s electoral system. The response so far has been incredible — but I need your help to reach MILLIONS of Americans with this message.

If we don’t do this, the consequences of voter fraud will be felt long after the race is over. In 2008, Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race by just 312 votes, but over 1,000 people ILLEGALLY cast ballots in that election. And Franken’s victory gave Democrats the supermajority in Congress they needed to pass controversial laws like health care reform. . . .In other words: no voter fraud, no ObamaCare. All year long, Project Veritas has been exposing the potential for massive voter fraud from New Hampshire to Minnesota to North Carolina through our undercover investigations.

These reports have been so hard-hitting that the North Carolina Board of Elections even used our footage to re-train their poll workers. But Eric Holder and other establishment politicians still deny the danger! Even worse, the Justice Department has actively tried to block states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas from taking steps to protect their own elections. Take Action: Tell the Attorney General to do his job and End Voter Fraud Now I thought that Eric Holder might realize what’s at stake when our investigators were offered HIS BALLOT in Washington, D.C. But even though he was called before Congress to explain what happened, he still hasn’t gotten the message. So this time Project Veritas is sending him a message he can’t ignore. Our goal is to collect 1,000,000 signatures to show Eric Holder that the American people are united against voter fraud. He needs to know that we won’t just sit back and watch while individuals working for corrupt groups like ACORN break the law.

The truth is that the vast majority of Americans – over 64 percent – now consider voter fraud to be a problem, and the Attorney General works for us. It’s time for him to do his job. Please tell Eric Holder to End Voter Fraud Now, and then consider making a generous contribution to our ongoing efforts to expose voter fraud and other forms of political corruption and End Voter Fraud Now. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we do best. Since January, Project Veritas and our investigations have been credited with helping to change election laws in several states, including New Hampshire and Virginia. Our reports have made a big difference, but there’s a lot of work left to do before November. And we need your help to get it done. Ever since we took down ACORN, the political establishment has tried to censor our work and demonize me personally at every opportunity. That’s why your signature and financial support are so critical.

I know I can count on you to sign our letter to Eric Holder and then forward this note to every truth-seeker you know to give it the maximum possible impact.

And I hope you’ll also dig deep to contribute $50, $100, or as much as you can afford, to help us continue exposing what’s been going on in states like North Carolina, Minnesota and others and finally End Voter Fraud.

Please act today, we don’t have much time left.

Thanks for everything you do.

Yours for the Truth,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

P.S. Investigators in North Carolina just released a list of 30,000 dead people still registered to vote in their state. That’s more than TWICE the margin of Barack Obama’s victory there in 2008! We must End Voter Fraud Now. Please sign our open letter to Eric Holder asking the Attorney General to do his job – and ask your friends to do the same. Then please make a generous contribution to help increase the impact of Project Veritas’ investigations to expose and prevent voter fraud in 2012.

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