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Following the release of our newest film showing the hypocrisy and shady dealing of Hollywood environmentalists, Project Veritas has received attention from many media outlets. Ranging across multiple mediums, these outlets didn’t wait for President and Founder, James O’Keefe, to leave Cannes, France before wanting to speak with him about this new video.

Below, you will find some of this coverage. Be sure to stay up to date with our Facebook Page as well as our Twitter account and James’ Twitter account to stay up-to-date on the newest coverage.

 The Hollywood ReporterFBI Urged to Investigate James O’Keefe’s Tactics

The Daily CallerJames O’Keefe Shows You How to Get Middle-Eastern Oil Billionaires to Secretly Fund Your Anti-Fracking Movie

The HayrideJames O’Keefe’s Newest Sting Might Be His Best Work Yet

American ThinkerHollywood Biggies Caught on Tape Agreeing to Hide Middle East Funding

The Kelly FileJames O’Keefe Exposes Hollywood Environmentalists

 These Hollywood environmentalists are coming after us very aggressively. Help us defend our work by donating to the cause today!

If you haven’t seen this new video, here it is for your convenience:


Senator Mike Ellis Caught Under Cover

Project Veritas exposed WI Senator Mike Ellis in an undercover video that captured the Senator discussing potential illegal acts

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released video of Wisconsin State Senator Mike Ellis talking about his support for the “John Doe” investigations, denigrating Governor Scott Walker and potentially planning to commit a crime.

Today, fewer than 48 hours later, Senator Ellis has announced that he will not seek re-election.

Related Story: Watch Sen. Mike Ellis (R-WI) Caught on Tape Plotting Potential Criminal Act

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