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VA Still “Dysfunctional” with “Unaccountability at Every Level” Say Insiders Caught on Hidden Cam
Tue | Jun 30 2015
Here’s our latest undercover video showing that after more than a year of significant public outcry over incredibly long wait times, which in numerous cases resulted in...
Mon | Jun 22 2015
Caught on Hidden Camera: Politicians Cash In On EXIM Bank
New James O’Keefe Video: Congressional Staffer Says On Hidden Camera That Large Corporations Such as Boeing and Mitsubishi Purchase Influence Through Campaign...
Thu | Jun 04 2015
Hidden Camera: VA Director says VA Turning Veterans into Drug Addicts
Doctors, Nurses, Contract Workers, and Volunteers Speak About the Pill Pushing Practices and Over-Prescription Epidemic that Plague the VA and Affects Millions of...
Wed | May 20 2015
TSA - Driving While Drinking
James O’Keefe Confronts the Driving TSA Agent: “What are You Doing Drinking Alcohol?” The TSA Agent, Dressed for Work in his Full Uniform, Responded: “That’s From Before...
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Jonah Bennett of the Daily Caller discusses new undercover footage obtained by James O'Keefe showing VA officials admitting there is "unaccountability at every level"... See More

Jul 1

Hey @SpeakerBoehner, @JamesOKeefeIII just captured VA "culture of UNaccountability" on hidden cam: @HouseVetAffairs

Making an Impact

  • Project Veritas launched an investigation into the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as high-ranking officials as well as volunteers were caught on camera, for the first...

  • Two high-level NPR Executives resigned.

  • New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia passed Voter ID bill following Project Veritas hidden-camera exposes of how easily it was to vote fraudulently. The Project...

  • Congress defunded and disbanded ACORN.

  • Hollywood celebrities and producers forced to denounce their own sources funding for anti-fracking propaganda..

  • A high-level OFA and Enroll America Director was forced to resign. Four Obamacare Navigators were fired or suspended. Congressional hearings were held, exposing...

  • Patrick Moran (son of Congressman Jim Moran) immediately resigned from his father’s Congressional campaign upon release of an undercover Project Veritas video into vote...

  • Fewer than 48 hours after the release of a video showing his hypocrisy on campaign finance, Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis announced that he will not seek re-...

  • Multi-state Medicaid fraud investigation forced states to review and improve practices.

  • The Journal News took down their gun-owner map and fired 17 Employees.

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