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TSA - Driving While Drinking
Wed | May 20 2015
James O’Keefe Confronts the Driving TSA Agent: “What are You Doing Drinking Alcohol?” The TSA Agent, Dressed for Work in his Full Uniform, Responded: “That’s From Before...
Thu | May 14 2015
Judith Miller Full Interview
James O’Keefe Interviews Ardent Defender of 1st Amendment Project Veritas President James O’Keefe Interviews Former New York Times and Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter...
Thu | Apr 09 2015
New O’Keefe Video Shows Support for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah Across California
New O’Keefe Video Shows Support for ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah on Campuses Across California Professors, Administrators, and Students Pledge Economic Support to...
Sun | Mar 29 2015
University Officials in Florida authorize Pro-ISIS Club
Barry University Officials Sanction Pro-ISIS Club With the Stated Goal of Sending Material Support to ISIS Barry University Officials Unfazed by Club Purportedly Being...
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Drudged Again...

May 20

Hey @TSA, we are wondering what your policies are regarding drinking and driving while wearing a TSA uniform. #tcot

Making an Impact

  • Two high-level NPR Executives resigned.

  • New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia passed Voter ID bill following Project Veritas hidden-camera exposes of how easily it was to vote fraudulently. The Project...

  • Congress defunded and disbanded ACORN.

  • Hollywood celebrities and producers forced to denounce their own sources funding for anti-fracking propaganda..

  • A high-level OFA and Enroll America Director was forced to resign. Four Obamacare Navigators were fired or suspended. Congressional hearings were held, exposing...

  • Patrick Moran (son of Congressman Jim Moran) immediately resigned from his father’s Congressional campaign upon release of an undercover Project Veritas video into vote...

  • Fewer than 48 hours after the release of a video showing his hypocrisy on campaign finance, Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis announced that he will not seek re-...

  • Multi-state Medicaid fraud investigation forced states to review and improve practices.

  • The Journal News took down their gun-owner map and fired 17 Employees.

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