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  1. Keep going!!

    The leftista’s ranks are filled with lying cheating scumbags out to destroy America to gain power.

  2. Keep going!!

    The leftista’s ranks are filled with lying cheating scumbags out to destroy America to gain power.

  3. Keep going!!

    The leftista’s ranks are filled with lying cheating scumbags out to destroy America to gain power.

  4. You really need to expose the oregon politicians.
    You would really have some great things to expose

    Please we need someone to expose the truth here.

  5. You really need to expose the oregon politicians.
    You would really have some great things to expose

    Please we need someone to expose the truth here.

  6. You really need to expose the oregon politicians.
    You would really have some great things to expose

    Please we need someone to expose the truth here.

  7. As a real journalist that has worked at a real news organization I find you truly a pathetic organization. You are a joke and you know it deep down. YOU know you are a loser and will
    always be a loser. YOU could never make it in the real world of Journalism. Have a nice day

    • Real News Professionals like:
      – Dan Rather (CBS)
      – Brian Williams (NBC)
      – Jayson Blair (NYT’s)
      – Jonathan Karl (ABC)
      – Lara Logan (CBS)
      – Stephen Glass (New Republic)
      – Michael Finkel (NYT)

      These are just the tip of the iceberg. The MSM lies on nearly daily basis.

      O’Keefe would NEVER make in the “real” world of Journalism. In that “real” world you have to be a FAR LEFT WING Social Justice Warrior who hates America.

      • Oh my! Are you aware that Lou Dobbs has employed numerous illegals on his adorable little horse farm in New Jersey?
        Don’t get me started on Sean Hannity. I can’t take any little man seriously who has that hair cut!
        Faux News is where you go to work if you want to grope women and expect to get away with it.
        bye bye Tomm(y)

        PS. Tomm(y): the more I read the Orange Guy’s tweets, the more I am convinced his father cut a large check to get him into Penn. Just Sayin’.

        • ANDREW – YOU WIN !!!

          You’ve clearly displayed the full extent of your intelligence for all to see.

          • Hey TTS do you contribute to this fraudulent organization. God, I hope so. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Trump and the Trumptards keep the laughs coming!
            LOL my Lib ass off, LOSER.

  8. As a real journalist that has worked at a real news organization I find you truly a pathetic organization. You are a joke and you know it deep down. YOU know you are a loser and will
    always be a loser. YOU could never make it in the real world of Journalism. Have a nice day

  9. As a real journalist that has worked at a real news organization I find you truly a pathetic organization. You are a joke and you know it deep down. YOU know you are a loser and will
    always be a loser. YOU could never make it in the real world of Journalism. Have a nice day

  10. post some new videos! Keep your important voice in the game and if you’ve been intimidated into silence after the CNN series let us Know!

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      • Tommy, you know that group that you been trained to hate, “Antifa”. Do you know what that stands for.

        You’re just like that little deaf, dumb and blind kid.

        • Yes, Mark, I know Anti-Fa. And, in this Orwellian world in which we live, the Anti-Fa are the real Fascists (mixed in with a few anarchists and Communists).

          Let’s see:

          Anti-Fa uses violence to silence ALL those with whom they disagree.
          Anti-Fa wants an all powerful government but with themselves in charge
          Anti-Fa hates Christianity
          Anti-Fa hates Free Markets
          Anti-Fa members are mostly current or former Socialists

          Yup, that makes them LEFT WING.

          Conservatives want limited, decentralized government, maximum free speech and free markets. Anti-Fa opposes all these core Right Wing beliefs.

          Anti-FA … the REAL FASCISTS … LEFT WING

    • Mike Hunt, huh?
      Well, if that’s not a pseudonym, then your parents have some ‘splainin’ to do.
      All caps helps to convey your point more effectively – the one at the top of your head.

    • I’m glad you’re having a bit of a laugh. I’m sure you need some emotional relief.

      But, believe me, your laughter is nothing compared to mine on Election Night 2016 and for weeks and weeks afterwards. Heck, I’m still laughing. Wow. Boy-o-boy was that fun.

      It was especially fun strolling the streets of Manhattan on the morning after the election looking at all the Lib snowflakes walking around semi-comatose like zombies.


        • This man needs to stop picking his nose.

          More importantly, he needs to remember that as a lawman he has a duty to prosecute any crimes he uncovers.

          While going after Trump, Mueller has stumbled upon significant evidence of Hillary’s criminal activity.

          Whether Mueller now goes after Hillary will be the true measure of his character. Sadly, it is a test he will likely fail.

          • Tomm(y): Both of Mueller’s index fingers are clearly visible in this photo. is he picking his nose with his thumb? I can’t fit my thumb in my nostril (i don’t have tiny little pussy- grabbing fingers like the Orange Guy.) This is actually a picture of a guy who is thinking before speaking. You and your president should give it a try. You’re welcome and try not to be a really really really angry old white guy. And at the expense of sounding critical: “lawman”, really? Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke was a “lawman”. you remember Gunsmoke don’t you?. It was around when you were in your 30s. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • “Is he picking his nose with his thumb?” – Yes.

            Does Andrew have an IQ above 30? – No.

            Next question.

          • LOL!
            I have no more time for a dust farting senile shut-in like yourself, Tomm(y).

      • You may or may not be aware, but the term “winning” was coined by a drug addicted, transsexual banging washed up actor named Charlie Sheen. Come to think of it he’s a lot like your hero: the “fucking moron” with tiny little pussy grabbing hands. Help me out. WTF does “bigly” mean? Is the MORON trying to say “big league”?

        • Andrew,

          Please see “Colloquial”



          (of language) used in ordinary or familiar conversation; not formal or literary.

          synonyms: informal, conversational, everyday, nonliterary; unofficial, idiomatic, slangy, vernacular, popular, demotic

          LIBS take Trump LITERALLY but NOT Seriously
          CONSERVATIVES take Trump SERIOUSLY but NOT Literally

          PS – Charlie Sheen is a typical LIB for whom “Winning” is having group sex while HIV infected and high on crack.

          Trump’s “Winning” is 3% GDP growth after LIBS told America we had to accept 2% MAX as the new normal.

          And, soon, GDP growth will reach 6% at which point the heads of LIB economists will explode … which is a good thing.

          • Thanks for the vocabulary lesson Tommy (love it whenever adults have names that end in “y” . Anywho, shouldn’t you be watching the fake video that the DICKHEAD just retweeted showing a dark haired Dutch kid beating up a blonde haired Dutch kid? When ASsHOLE Trump is locked up in a cell next to his criminal son in law and chinless son, America will truly be winning. Now go away you ignorant racist knob. Thanks Tom(y)

          • Ya mean like Hillary? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? Teddy Kennedy? SERIOUSLY, Andy, your douchebag factor just went up a 1000%.

            And, Andrew, since you’re so supportive of Islam, does that mean you’re PRO-SHARIA?

            Please let the world know your position on SHARIA LAW?

          • Two words Tomm(y): Project Veritas. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
            FAKE Fucking news loser! And the name is Andrew. I dropped Andy when I turned 12. Go fuck yourself, Loser. BAHAHAHA!
            Can’t you find a child to molest?

        • andrewe …talking about bill clinton, again?? the famous demonrat
          couple….more like witch & warlock.

        • Andrew, you are such a typical shallow and bizarre Lib.


          RACIST – Anyone who disagrees with Libs about anything
          MISOGYNIST – Anyone who disagrees with Libs about anything
          SEXIST – Anyone who disagrees with Libs about anything
          HOMOPHOBE – Anyone who disagrees with Libs about anything
          ISLAMOPHOBE – Anyone who disagrees with Libs about anything
          WHITE SUPREMACIST – Anyone who disagrees with Libs about anything

          NOTE – In Lib-World, even Black Conservatives are RACISTS, Women Conservatives are SEXISTS, Gay Conservatives are HOMOPHOBES, Muslim Conservatives are ISLAMOPHOBES, and All Conservatives of any Color are WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

          Which all goes to prove one thing. Libs have lost their minds.

          • Still waiting for you to cut and paste a definition of “Bigly”, Tomm(y).
            Of course, if you are busy attending a Ku Klux Klan meeting, I totally understand.
            You can get it to me later.

          • Duh, Andrew, the KKK is a DEM thing.

            DEMS were the slave owners
            DEMS founded the KKK
            DEMS wrote the Jim Crow Laws
            Bull Connor was a DEM
            DEM President Woodrow Wilson proudly showed the KKK White Supremacist movie “Birth of a Nation” at the White House to his cabinet.

            Margaret Sanger, secular patron saint of the DEM Party, was a rabid, racist, eugenicist who dreamed of eliminating Blacks from the human gene pool.

            LIBS looove her.

            Oh, and she wasn’t too fond of Jews either whom she called “human weeds”. And, Sanger was deadly serious about weeding the human garden. She even published in her Birth Control Journal two articles by the NAZI boss of the NAZI Doctor of Death Mengels.

            LIBS looove her.

            Here’s a pix of your heroine, Margaret Sanger, proudly speaking to the KKK in Spring Lake, NJ.


            DEM KKK Klanbake
            The DEM National Convention was so heavily attended by the KKK that it was nicknamed the DEM KKK Klanbake.

            Here’s Wikipedia write up

            Here’s a picture of the KKK marching to the DEM Convention of 1924


            Don’t waste your time with that LIB meme that those racist Southern DEMS all became Right Wing Republicans.

            Of the 21 Southern DEMS who voted against the Civil Rights Act ’64, all but 2 remained lifelong DEMS. In fact, nearly all their children and grandchildren who entered politics remain lifelong DEMS. This includes Senator Al Gore, Sr. and his son, Al Gore, Jr.

          • Tell that to David Duke, Tomm(y).
            I sense that you are stalling. A well- read linguist like yourself can surely provide me with a definition of “bigly” can’t you?
            Oh and all those other definitions of racist, misogynist etc… Were completely incorrect. Back to the dictionary for you, Tomm(y)
            You do a lot of cutting and pasting. Ever had a thought of your own? You Tomm(y) are an an unmitigated douchebag. Now hurry and run to mommy, Tomm(y)

          • David Duke had been a lifelong DEM till he pulled a Bloomberg and switch parties to get on the ballot. The GOP Party strongly opposed him but it was an off year election with an extremely low turnout. Duke rallied his KKK DEM friends to vote him in. Duke was kicked out by the GOP in the next primary election.

            Trump denounced Duke several times but the MSM failed to report it.

            HILLARY, on the other hand, never, ever denounced the KKK Grand Keagle DEM Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV). Byrd one famously said “I’d rather die a thousand deaths than serve next to a Negro in our Armed Forces”. He remained a racist bastard his entire life. HILLARY called Byrd her “dear friend and mentor” … her “mentor”!!!

  57. Ge, who’d think you people were a bunch of lying, cheating scum?

    Well, I would and the Washington Post just caught you at it.

    • Yes. They have been exposed for the lying trash that they are. Good luck getting the Trumptards to believe it though.

    • Its really funny actually. This organization has lost all credibility with this latest scam, but Trumptards will simply write it off as “Fake news”. if it weren’t so tragic it would be comical.

  58. James O’Keefe, your actions are deplorable. You are likely to be convicted of a more serious offense than a misdemeanor this time. Why don’t you just close up your scam and go back to Russia where you belong?

    • Odd that Projecttellthemwhattheywanttohear would be located in Westchester County, New York? I would have guessed a red neck like James would live and work in the deep South.
      Maybe its so he can get advice from Jeanine Piro? BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

  59. Is there a reporter there that I can talk to? I want to report that I was assaulted by someone at the Washington Post when I was, let’s say, 14. No, wait. That’s not true. I work for you, don’t I? And who do you want me to say assaulted me?

    I hope you appreciate the irony of the name of your organization,
    ’cause the rest of us sure do.

  60. So many hate filled liberal comments here. I thought they were tolerant folks who belied love trumps hate? The last year has stripped away their masks, exposing self-hating, severely depressed people needing to tear others down to make themselves feel better and smarter. I wish them all a better life than they have now.

      • Just the type of ignorant nonsense response one would expect from the unwashed lunatic masses. When you have no original ideas, just tell others to shut up. You’re headed for a long depressing life unless you eat a bullet to end you pain.

        • Between being exposed as a Putin deputy and a serial groper, I totally understand why the Orange Guy keeps trying to change the subject. If you think this #metoo movement is going to somehow leave the Orange Guy out its crosshairs, you are nuts!
          Of course if I have to watch that fat slob Huckaby Sanders stand up at the podium and lie every freakin’ day, a bullet to the head might be welcome relief.

  61. You helped Roy Moore’s accusers today by showing the Washington Post that they are extremely careful with their stories. What a complete joke you people are.

    • Best and most accurate post on this site.
      Somewhere in Alabama, Doug Jones is thanking his lucky stars for Projecttellthemwhattheywanttohear.

  62. I read the stories and seen the video on the post, why didn’t you answer ANY QUESTIONS????

    You are the lowest of low. Profiting from deceit and lies is disgusting and vile.

    This irritated me so much that if I would have ever gotten to meet you in my lifetime I would of most likely bent your hooked nose even further to your wretched face. I have that much contempt for low life scum like you and your propaganda machine.

    I really hope someone hurts you bad fck face and your shitty lying/propaganda organization.

    • Reality:
      Please don’t stoop to their level of ignorance!
      Remember the Orange Guy at one of his red neck rallies?
      As a guy was being escorted out of the building, blustering babbling moron says:
      “In the old days, that guy would have been punched right in the mouth!”
      Unfortunately, we are all paying the price of the Orange Guy never being accepted into Manhattan’s elite. He’s always been the piker from Queens who has been allowed to watch Manhattan’s elite from afar, but never allowed to join the club. I don’t know but it might have something to do with him being a racist thug.

  63. Your organization is disgusting. Go crawl in a hole where you belong. Scum. Just scumbags

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  65. HA! Man, you guys sure know how to expose your own ignorance. I would have more negative feelings toward you if you had any kind of idea what you were doing. As it is, you’re just a joke. Thanks for the laugh.

    • I thought it was hilarious that when the reporter moved her purse to cover the liar’s camera, the liar then moved her purse. Reminded me of two people who keep moving a poisoned drink back and forth between the two of them.
      Question: Now that’s she has been exposed for the lying sack of shit that she is, she is clearly no longer of any use to Projecttellthemwhattheywanttohear. How in the world does this Phillips ever find another job?
      Maybe become Kellyann Conway’s hair stylist?

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  67. Does a woman named Jamie Phillips, who falsely presented herself as a victim of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, work for Project Veritas?

    • Yes and she lives in Stamford,Connecticut. Its just an 11 mile commute to her office at Projecttellthemwhattheywanttohear. She, like Tomm(y)’s president got caught telling numerous lies in a very short period of time. Sort of like the Orange Guy who lies every time he opens his hideous mouth. Her co-worker is that nut job who tried to separate David Letterman from a few million bucks a few years back. Can you say “LOSERS”? that’s right. I knew you could.

  68. Once again I see how O’Keefe and his gang are attempting to corrupt democracy by playing Pravda for the republicans and pushing republican propaganda and spin. Not enough to break into and tap the phones of a sitting US senator.

    O’Keefe is FAKE NEWS! I’m choosing my words carefully now, I pray that Mr. O’Keefe gets cancer of the nuts (if he has any) and dies a painful and malingering death. Amen.

    • Anyone with an ounce of understanding of history knows that the first thing a Dictator does is try to undermine the free press. If Trump has his way, we will soon be getting our news from a state run press organization.
      The Orange Guy could tell his base the Earth is flat and they’d believe him. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      P.S. James O’Keefe clearly has no nuts, but I like the cancer idea 🙂

  69. To quote Sinclair Lewis, “”When fascism comes to America it will be wearing the flag and carrying the cross.”

    I am not confused as to whom is the kettle and whom is the pot.

  70. Sinclair Lewis is quoted with, “”When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    I am not confused as to whom is the kettle and who is the pot. Are you?

  71. The success, so-called, of the Washington Post subterfuge, was contingent on the assumption that the paper did not conduct due diligence/confirm sources before going to print. If the assumption proved to be true, yay for you and boo journalism.

    But the only way for the assumption to be proved false was for the Washington Post to CATCH YOU LYING. How you didn’t realize this before committing to such folly is a testament to your ego or your ineptitude or, most likely, both.

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  74. Still Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off at you James. Cheer up James: there’s a mall near you where teenaged girls hang out. Maybe you, judge Moore and the Orangutan can go find some dates?
    Washington Post for Time’s Person of the Year? Let’s hope so.
    I have to go shower again. You make me feel dirty.

  75. Please keep the laughs coming, James. With a lunatic in the Oval Office, we need all the chuckles we can get!

  76. Jamey I’d like to introduce you to Doug Jones the new senator from Alabama. He would like to thank you, “bigly”.

  77. Time magazine has just named the Washington Post “Person of the Year”! Should they ever award a cover to the ” Liar of the Year”, the orange man would have something to hang on the walls of his all white clubs. The fake ones are truly hilarious. Remember when the Orange Guy posed as his own publicist to call a radio station to brag about how much tail he was getting. He even said Madonna wanted to get into his depends. Too damn funny!

  78. Jamie: might be time to change the name of your bullshit organization. How about: Operation Molestation?

  79. Been calling Project Bullshit all morning. Nobody answers
    Perhaps they are all at the mall? Just wanted to say thanks for making me the new Senator of the great state of Alabama….Roll Tide!!!!!
    Doug Jones

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  82. Tomm(y):
    Thanks again for the cut and paste definition of colloquial. could you please provide the same for “bigly”?
    As a card carrying member of the Orangutan’s base is it safe to assume that you drive a pick-up with a confederate flag flapping in the wind and a shotgun on display in the rear window.
    Trumps base is made up of really really really angry old (and usually ugly) white men.
    Does this definition more or less fit you to a “t”?
    Enjoy your president 9demented as he is) while you have him.
    Methinks he is going off the rails because he knows his days are numbered. he will be locked up and the republican party will be set back 20-30 years.
    good luck, Tomm(y)
    i await your cut and paste definition of bigly, bigly guy.

    • Have you noticed that the Big Orange doesn’t call people mentally retarded anymore?
      Apparently, he has finally had some interaction with his son, Barron.
      That boy looks LOOPY!

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  85. Hey James O’Keefe, you got so burned and looked so stupid and foolish when you refused to answer questions outside your office about the fake “victim” of sexual abuse by Roy Moore you sent to bait the Washington Post. You actually think that simply refusing to answer a straight-up question that reveals your corrupt tactics as well as the journalistic integrity of the Post makes you look good? You looked pathetic. Veritas my ass, you clown.

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  95. Thank you PV for your ongoing efforts to make known the liberals’
    anti-American actions so we truly know what is going on!

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