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RETRACTION #306 - Dr. Steven W. Thrasher, NYT/Buzzfeed/The Guardian

Dr. Steven Thrasher is a contributor for The New York Times, The Guardian, and even BuzzFeed. In 2009, Dr. Thrasher wrote a story on Peter Thiel supposedly bankrolling our ACORN investigation, which isn’t true. He goes on to say that Project Veritas was involved in the Shirley Sherrod video, which is another falsehood. On Twitter, Dr. Thrasher said: “Correction here: O’Keefe and Project Veritas were behind the ‘pimp exposé’ video which took down ACORN, but not the Shirley Sherrod video posted on Breitbart. The Dems fell for both videos.” Another retraction in the books, and we still don’t understand why these so-called journalistic experts can’t stop misrepresenting our work.

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