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James O’Keefe: Main Stream Media Is Now Powerless

As a direct result of this political cycle, James O’Keefe reflects on the power shift the United States has just experienced with regard to the role and efficacy of the legacy media. In the video, he thanks his supporters and everyone who contributed to the success of the groundbreaking videos released by Veritas throughout this election cycle. O’Keefe explains how this election has left the mainstream media powerless and promises to continue exposing corruption and fraud through citizen journalism. “The next time you try to take advantage of honest Americans, think twice, because the person sitting in front of you may have a camera or a microphone. If you are cheating stealing or scamming, you may be the next unwilling star of the internet,” said Veritas founder and president James O’Keefe. Video Transcript: Perhaps the most stunning admission of last night was the power shift in this country. It was deeply moving to see what citizens can do despite the overwhelming forces working them against them. It isn’t the politicians, not the established press, not the lobbyists or the pundits, but the PEOPLE, that have the power now. Some in the media are saying that we need independent fearless journalism more than ever. I just want to say thank you for coming to your senses. My mentor told me years ago “the media is everything” and I’ve always believed that is true. MILLIONS of people not only had to overcome the firewall that existed within the media, but they has to fight untrue accusations we were “not journalists’ merely because we weren’t “Credentialed.” Everyone in this country had to fight an uphill battle just to get the truth out – not out of political expedience but for truth’s sake. In our case, thousands of people supported this effort. Many media corporations were afraid to break our stories for fear of retaliation against them by their own government. And thank you to the people who were unafraid to report our stories. We at Veritas are crowdsource-funded, which makes us truly independent. Thank you, whether you donated, shared, hash tagged OUR STORIES, I know you did so from the bottom of your heart. We have thousands of tips about fraud and hundreds of people who seek to become undercover journalists or want to put themselves at risk to volunteer for the cause of transparency. And thank you our fellow truth seekers and internet sleuths. There was an incredible moment when the users of the places like Reddits actually crowdsourced investigative journalism, scrutinizes FEC disbursements, scoured through Wikileaks. These were regular people on the internet, some of them weren’t even Americans, just people who cared. When you have hundreds of people pleading with you to come expose wrongdoing in their municipality, state house and federal offices, we realize it is our duty at Veritas to grow an institution that can properly pursue these injustices with resiliency and an inextinguishable fire. One of the great ironies of our lives is that the political class and media, were not just wrong, but profoundly wrong! Now they will have to face accusations of ‘discredited;’ Now they that will have to be scrutinized; Now they will find themselves under the microscope of the American people, who showed they yield enormous power. I’m here to tell you in power and in the media that you are all on notice. You be will held accountable for your crimes and your betrayal of trust. Because we have people embedded everywhere. We’re watching you. We’re talking to you, we’re gaining your trust, we’re learning your darkest secrets and we are recording you. So for the upper echelon of places like the DOJ – you’re on notice. For the government media complex, you’re on notice. For the executives in companies in Silicon Valley who censor truth, putting politics ahead of free speech, you’re on notice. For Hollywood, you’re on notice. For the internal Revenue Service, you’re on notice. For corrupt and incompetent administrative federal agencies, you’re ALL notice. For every political bureaucrat, NGO and crony business in American you are now on notice. The game has changed. You are being watched. Americans are fed up, and we are coming after you. Facts don’t support your narratives, facts don’t care about your feelings and the eye in the sky does not lie. You don’t have a monopoly on truth and you don’t set the agenda anymore. The power has shifted. The citizenry has the power now. And you know it. So the next time you try to take advantage of honest Americans, think twice, because the person sitting in front of you may have a camera or a microphone. If you are cheating stealing or scamming, you may be the next unwilling star of the internet. STAY TUNED.