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CASGV Returns: Congressional Gun Grabbers’ Hypocrisy Exposed

In a follow up to Project Veritas’s Citizens Against Senseless Gun Violence video from 2012, Project Veritas journalists decided to return to the homes of America’s top Second Amendment bashers to find out if they would live according to the words they speak. After the Orlando terror attack, Democrats stormed Congress for sit-ins and other protests in favor of gun control, refusing to participate in legislation measures until a gun control bill was passed. In this new video, Project Veritas set its sights on top gun control advocates in Congress to see how they felt when placed in the same position as those who fall victim within Gun-Free Zones. The people who died in the Orlando Pulse terror attack died in a building where firearms aren’t allowed. Project Veritas put that same concept to the test with some of America’s most fervent advocates for gun control. Posing as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence,” Project Veritas citizen journalists went door-to-door in New York and Washington, D.C. to see which outspoken champions for gun control would be willing to declare their own home as a “Gun-Free Zone” by placing a sign on their lawn.

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