Veterans Affairs Investigation

In this investigation, Project Veritas uncovers a painful truth in the Department of Veterans Affairs – the drugging of American veterans. These undercover videos expose the dysfunction and lack of accountability within the VA system, officials admitting to overmedicating veterans, some to the point of suicide, and admitting that sometimes the cause of many veterans’ health issues are caused by their own department.


Senior Veterans Administration official and staff members say the VA is turning veterans into drug addicts. Doctors, nurses, contract workers, and volunteers speak about the pill pushing practices and over-prescription epidemic that plague the VA and affects millions of veterans.


Doctors, staffers, and a top official are captured on hidden camera speaking about the problems that continue to plague the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA doctor tells undercover Project Veritas journalist: “We’re way below water in terms of the ability to supply, to meet the requests that’s demanded.” According to VA Undersecretary/ Brigadier General: “Once you’ve entered the appeals process all bets are off, the only solution to that is changing the law or more people.”


Congressional Hearing

Project Veritas video plays a key role in prompting a House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs hearing on “Prescription Mismanagement and the Risk of Veteran Suicide”

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