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Top 10 Lies About Us


Lie #1: Project Veritas has no credibility or impact

FACT: Project Veritas has serious credibility and makes incredible impact

Lie #2: O’Keefe and Project Veritas deceptively edit tapes, ACORN and other examples

FACT: Every journalist, whether video or print or other medium, edits his or her work. The difference with us is our videos are in context and not deceptively edited.

Lie #3: James O'Keefe did not present himself as a pimp and never wore the pimp outfit

FACT: Pimp protocol does not require the wearing of a "pimp fur"

Lie #4: James O'Keefe was guilty of and settled a lawsuit about misrepresenting/deceptively editing video of San Diego ACORN worker Juan Carlos Vera

FACT: James O'Keefe settled a lawsuit for invasion of privacy, not for deceptively editing or doctoring the footage.

Lie #5: James O'Keefe is a felon, broke into the office of, bugged, wiretapped or attempted to wiretap phones of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu

FACT: James O'Keefe is NOT a felon and DID NOT wiretap or attempt to wiretap U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu

Lie #6: CNN: James O'Keefe attempted to sexually harass CNN correspondent Abby Bourdeau on a boat with sex toys

Fact: Although CNN presented it as O'Keefe's actual plan of action, it was drafted by a non-Project Veritas individual and was never accepted by O'Keefe's as the way to go.

Lie #7: James O'Keefe sexually harassed Nadia Naffe

Fact: Nadia said under oath she was not sexually harassed by James O’Keefe and the case was dismissed before it even became a complaint.

Lie #8: James O'Keefe was involved with the Shirley Sherrod video incident

Fact: James O’Keefe was not in any way involved in the Shirley Sherrod Incident.

Lie #9: James O'Keefe and Project Veritas only go after Democrats and individuals and organizations on the left

FACT: Project Veritas investigates corruption without taking direction from individuals or organizations and releases the results regardless of ideology or party affiliation.

Lie #10: James O'Keefe and Project Veritas planted or attempted to plant a fake story in The Washington Post

FACT: Project Veritas uses a variety of aliases to get meetings with people.

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