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Here is a brief overview of some of the video series which has been done by Project Veritas. For additional depth regarding each of these video series, we are currently adding in-depth pages for each major both of work we have completed. To visit what we’ve completed so far, simply highlight “works” on the menu above and then select from any of the available sub-menus.

Union Corruption

A fictional group called “Earth, Supply, and Renewal” sought to find funding and union representation for their seemingly ridiculous business of digging holes and then refilling them. They met with top union officials who assured them that they can help secure taxpayer funding. John Hutchings, director of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund (NYSLOF) admitted on camera: “You know the Green Jobs, Green New York, between us, a lot of it is bullshit.”

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Organizing for America

Videographers embedded within Organizing for America developed a relationship with the director of the OFA Houston office. Over time, the videographer “confesses” to director Stephanie Caballero that she intends to vote twice, both in Texas and via absentee ballot in Florida. Caballero does nothing to discourage the illegal act. She laughs throughout the description saying “Oh my God! This is so funny, it’s cool though!” Obama campaign director, Stephanie Caballero, was fired from her position and the Houston Obama for America office was shut down.

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Obamaphone Scam

Project Veritas sent journalists to investigate the “Obamaphone” program. The undercover applicants explicitly stated that they planned to sell the free phones for drugs and spending money. They were given phones anyway. Three “Obamaphone” employees were fired and an FCC warning was issued to Obamaphone carriers demanding income verification.

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Wisconsin State Senate President Mike Ellis was caught on undercover video being dishonest to his constituents, making derogatory comments about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and possibly committing potential criminal acts by conspiring to violate Wisconsin’s election laws. Fewer than 48 hours after the release of our video, Senator Ellis announced that he will not seek re-election.

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Wendy Davis

Project Veritas caught Battleground Texas staff mocking Republican Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s disability and looking the other way when confronted with suggestions of forgery and fraud. Wendy Davis’ campaign for Governor was forced to respond to the actions and crass comments of her paid supporters.

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