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#FakeNewsAward Nomination: Best Clickbait 2017, Gideon Resnick & The Daily Beast

Project Veritas is proud to announce the next nominee of the newest #FakeNews Award, “Best Clickbait, 2017” to Gideon Resnick & The Daily Beast.

Project Veritas is proud to announce the next nominee of the newest #FakeNews Award, “Best Clickbait, 2017” to Gideon Resnick & The Daily Beast.

On March 31, Gideon Resnick of The Daily Beast published an article seeming to insinuate that James O’Keefe was guilty of a fraudulent act.

The worst part? Resnick was fully aware that the act was fraudulent before the article was published:

We asked Gideon to change the misleading headline, but he didn’t budge. In fact, he seemed to like his clickbait material so much, that he used it as a tweet.

Mr. Resnick seems to excel at writing clickbait #fakenews articles. In fact, it ‘appears’ to be the only type of article he knows how to write:

Considering his large body of similar works, we are excited to nominate him for “Best Clickbait, 2017.”