Medicaid Investigation

In this video, James O’Keefe summarizes the Medicaid investigation, media coverage and impact.

Project Veritas undercover journalists posing as wealthy Russian drug smugglers traveled through Ohio and applied for Medicaid in an effort to expose the rampant and institutional fraud and hypocrisy within the system. Sadly, our journalists were incredibly successful. One employee, Traci Daniels Davis advised our journalists to classify their illicit drug business as "babysitting" and to get a statement from someone else to verify their fabrication. Another employee, Jeanette, advised our journalist on how to help his 12 year old sisters obtain abortions. Another employee, Linda Shafer, told out journalists that they would not get into trouble for dealing in illicit drugs and prostitutes. And yet another employee, Robin Johnson of Madison Country told Project Veritas journalists: "Even if we run into people that are illegal aliens, it's not like we report then to INS or anything. That's not our purpose here.

A Project Veritas journalist posing as a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) - a designated terrorist organization - attempted to get emergency Medicaid for himself and 25 fellow Irishman who were shot in battle. Our journalist was very clear in stating that all 26 of them were Irish citizens AND that he exports arms overseas to fight the resistance.

The absurdist hits kept coming in the Medicaid fraud investigation.s In New York, Project Veritas sent it investigative journalist undercover as a mushroom-selling plumber named “Mario” with his girlfriend named – you guessed it – “Peach.” When informed of the drug income, the Medicaid worker declared “I don’t want to know nothing” and then encouraged Mario to get a letter from a legitimate company saying that he’s employed.

In Virginia, a Project Veritas investigative journalist posed as a drug dealer running “Bob Marley Pharmaceuticals” and spoke openly about the illegal source of under-the-table income. "But we won't get in trouble for running the drug business or like illegal prostitution?" asked the investigator. The worker in Richmond responded, "No, just leave that off your application" and reiterates "Don't put that on there."

Another state, another expose of just how far Medicaid workers will go to overlook illegal sources of income. In Indiana, a Project Veritas Journalist posing as “Sergei” indicated that he is a drug dealer hiding “shipments” in the floorboards and has 50 illegal aliens working for him (including “girls”). The Medicaid case worker replied, “We don’t want to know that.” The undercover reporter in the second office told the Medicaid worker about Rolex watches and McLaren sports cars. The Medicaid employee counseled the reporter on how to transfer the title of a mansion from father to son, so that the father is eligible for Medicaid.

Maine Medicaid official advises Ted Ceanneidigh (Pronounced Ted Kennedy), "If you don't have proof of income, then you have no income" despite the fact Ted says he works with "cash and precious metals." and says the Metal is "less traceable." The Medicaid official also encourages the man posing as Ted Ceanneidigh, "Don't say anything [about your corvette]."

Mainecare official counsels Sean"one way to get around" his access to 250K and eventually advises him to falsely claim he intends to pay his parents back. The MaineCare employee also tells Sean "they don't care" where the parents are getting their money from after Sean says the money is under the table.

Governor Paul LePage Thanks Project Veritas

Governor Paul LePage says, “I want to thank the individual who took this video” upon the release of Project Veritas’ medicaid videos.

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