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James O’Keefe & Project Veritas Fact Sheet

Date of Birth: June 28, 1984

Place of Birth: Bergen County, N.J.

College Degree: B.A. in Philosophy (2006) from Rutgers University

College Leadership Role: Founder of The Centurion campus newspaper

First Undercover Video Published: Rutgers-Irish Lucky Charms Ban 2004

James O’Keefe & Lila Rose Planned Parenthood Investigation: 2007-2008

First Breakthrough Story: ACORN Undercover Video Series 2009

Project Veritas Founding: June 2010

Project Veritas Tax-Exempt Status:
May 2011

Project Veritas Legal Victories: Seven

Books:  Breakthrough (June 2013) American Pravda (January 2018) American Muckraker (January 2022)


2021 End of Year Recap

James O’Keefe biography

Quotes about James O’Keefe:

President Donald Trump: At the 2019 White House Social Media Summit: “There he is, stand up please! (applause) How good--what a great job. Somebody said he's controversial. He's not controversial, he's truthful. He's truthful. That was a great job. That was one of many. Thank you very much. Fantastic.”

Rush Limbaugh: “O’Keefe is doing the kind of things that if anybody can, maybe change journalism.”

Andrew Breitbart: “O’Keefe is already well on his way to being one of the great journalists and deserves a Pulitzer.”

Glenn Beck: “O’Keefe is courageous.”

Jon Stewart: “James O’Keefe is the Ashton Kutcher of the conservative movement.”

George Stephanopoulos: “Upstart James O’Keefe has dealt a major blow to the establishment.”

New York Post: “James O’Keefe is dismissed as a ‘conservative activist,’ but he’s doing something much worse – journalism.”

High Resolution Images of James O’Keefe

Suggested caption: Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe founded the organization in 2010 and established it as a non-profit journalism enterprise. Today, Project Veritas is the leading practitioner of investigative and undercover journalism and it has more than 30 undercover journalists and insiders working across the country. (Photo courtesy of Project Veritas)

Suggested cutline: James O’Keefe (Photo courtesy of Project Veritas)

(Courtesy of Project Veritas)

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