Maryland Attorney General’s Office Investigation

A female undercover journalist from Project Veritas attended a national conference for state attorney generals in New York City. While there, she met Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah, who attempted to lure the journalist to his hotel room. Vignargian, who is married, proceeded to disclose confidential information to the journalist, presumably in order to impress her. He expressed his views on the Second Amendment and his desire to ban guns entirely, in addition to texting the journalist details of what he would like to do with her. Plans were made for another hotel meet-up and once inside the hotel room, he leaked confidential information concerning the Environmental Protection Agency and shared inside information on Attorney General Brian Frosh’s run for governor.


In this video, you will witness Deputy Attorney General Vignarajah hitting on the undercover journalist, encouraging her to get tipsy and inviting her to his room. He shares his Second Amendment views, inside information on Attorney General Frosh and the confidential information he disclosed on the Environmental Protection Agency has implications in a major case involving at least 44 states.


Exposed Waste in the Maryland AG Office

At a taxpayer-funded event, Vignarajah decided to skip important meetings to spend alone time with our undercover agent.
Vignarajah Text


A spokesman for the Attorney General responds to the first, downplaying the incident saying there was “no confidence [for Vignarajah] to break” and that "Mr. Frosh is not concerned about private views shared by employees in private conversations.” Also in this video, a few sexually explicit texts between Vignarajah and the female journalist are exposed, despite him forcing her to delete them.


Vignarajah’s actions are challenged as being wasteful of taxpayer dollars, as he was at a taxpayer funded event when his scandalous behavior occurred. Project Veritas personalities attempted to interview the Attorney General at a Bar Association dinner but he would not comply. This video also unveils Project Veritas receiving an anonymous letter accusing Vignarajah of unethical behavior.


Received an Anonymous Letter

Through exposing Vignarajah’s unethical behavior, Project Veritas inspired someone to send us an anonymous letter. While we do not know who sent it, we presume that it was an employee of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. This letter further exposed Vignarajah of appointing of his “lover” to a position that she was not qualified for.

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