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Teachers Unions 2017

Part 1

Teacher From New York Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Students With Knife–May Still Be at Large

This video by James O'Keefe exposes attorney Mitchell Rubinstein from the New York State United Teachers describing a case in which he defended a teacher he names "Mike," who was alleged to have forced students at knife-point to give him oral sex. The teacher was eventually convinced to resign, but was not convicted and therefore could still be at large.


Rubinstein backs up, claims "was trying to impress a girl"

O’Keefe confronted Rubinstein in a phone call after the video was released to get a comment. Rubinstein backed down, claiming what he said on hidden camera (twice) was not true. He later states he lied about the disturbing sexual assault allegation to “impress a girl.”

Part 2

Union Official Admits He Hit Students: “Made It Look Like an Accident”

This video by James O'Keefe exposes a San Francisco teachers union official admitting that he hit a student. Antonio Mankini of San Francisco United Educators was caught on hidden-camera telling a journalist about his experience with hitting students.

Two Project Veritas journalists went undercover–one posed as a friend of a teacher who hit a student, and the second posed as the teacher himself. When the teacher expressed guilt, Mankini told him not to worry because there was "no evidence."


Mankini placed on administrative leave

After the release of the video, Antonio Mankini was placed on administrative leave. Fox KVTU

Featured In

NY Media Coverage

3/15/17 "WATCH: O’Keefe Video of Union Lawyer Explaining How Jr. High Teacher Who Forced Students to Perform Oral Sex at Knifepoint Avoided Prosecution" Breitbart

3/20/17 "New Project Veritas’ Teachers Union Investigations Unveil Pedophilia Scandal" The Liberty Conservative

SF Media Coverage

3/21/17 "Hidden Camera Video Shows SF Teachers’ Union Rep Bragging About Hitting Students" CBS San Fransisco Video

3/21/17 "WATCH: SF Teachers’ Union Official Admits To Hitting Students: ‘I Made It Look Like An Accident’" Daily Wire

3/22/17 "San Francisco teachers union official on leave over hitting claims" Fox KTVU

3/22/17 "SF teachers union official on leave after sting video released" SFGate

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