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Dead People Receive Ballots

New Hampshire

Dead People Receive Ballots in New Hampshire Primary

Our investigation into New Hampshire uncovered election workers offering the ballots of deceased New Hampshirans to Project Veritas journalists at poll after poll. Even when our journalists stated that they didn’t have photo ID, they were told that in New Hampshire, none was required.


NH Attorney General Initiates Investigation Into Voter Fraud

An activist group obtained ballots for several deceased voters during New Hampshire’s primary elections… Now the New Hampshire Attorney General has initiated an investigation and a review of the state’s voting procedures. CBS Boston


Caught on Tape: Dead People and Clones Offered Ballots in Vermont Primary

We sent investigative journalists to Vermont to determine how easily a  ballot could be fraudulently obtained. Sadly, we quickly discovered it was all too easy to obtain ballots (belonging to both living and dead individuals) without photo ID at poll after poll. Determine to see what other establishments in Vermont didn’t require photo ID, we sent journalists to several establishments across Vermont including bars, hotels, and city hall to see if a photo ID was required to vote, purchase alcohol, check into a hotel, and obtain a marriage license. Our investigation uncovered that all of these actives strictly required a photo ID, unlike voting. Perhaps this is why poll workers were so quick to offer the ballots of the deceased to our journalists.


Eric Holder Approves Voter ID... in New Hampshire

Eric Holder’s Justice Department has precleared voter ID in New Hampshire, a state covered by Section 5. PJ Media

North Carolina

NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

North Carolina Ballots were offered out in the names of others to total strangers. We found people who, according to jury refusal forms, were listed as non-citizens. These individuals were also registered to vote. In one case, the citizen appeared to have perjured himself on the jury refusal form, since his jury refusal came after his voter registration. Also in this video, we found a dead voter listed on the voter rolls, discovered a few UNC officials embracing voter fraud, and we interviewed an election Judge who said he only wants to uphold parts of the state constitution.


NH Senate Passes Voter ID Bill After O’Keefe Video

The New Hampshire state Senate passed a bill requiring residents to show identification before voting after a well-publicized video showed how easy it is to obtain a ballot in the name of a dead person in the state. Daily Caller

Project Veritas Generates Enormous Results From Limited Resources

New Hampshire required voter IDs after PV proved how easily fraudsters can attain other people’s ballots when photo IDs are not in the picture. News Max

James O'Keefe Confronts NH Attorney General Richard Head

James O’Keefe addresses NH Attorney General Richard Head over several injustices from his department towards Project Veritas journalists.

Featured In

Major Media Coverage

1/12/12 "James O'Keefe Video Purports to Show Ease of Voter Fraud in N.H. Primary" ABC News

1/12/12 "NH poll workers shown handing out ballots in dead peoples’ names" The Daily Caller

3/13/12 "Dead People and Clones Voting in Vermont" Townhall

3/14/12 "Big Government: Vermont wants investigation of James O’Keefe" Twitchy

11/3/14"Undercover video shows North Carolina poll workers offering ballots to ineligible impostor" Daily Mail

New Hampshire Media Coverage

1/30/12 "James O'Keefe Sues New Jersey Star-Ledger for Defamation" Breitbart

1/11/12 "Project Veritas stings New Hampshire Voter ID-less laws" RedState

1/12/12 "Activists Use Dead Voters’ Names At NH Primary" CBS Boston

1/12/12 "Group Says It Got Primary Ballots With Dead People's Names" WMUR

12/16/13 "New Hampshire required voter IDs after PV proved how easily fraudsters can attain other people's ballots" Newsmax

1/12/12 "James O’Keefe’s Weak New Hampshire Exposé Could Get Him Arrested" NY Mag

5/9/12 "Scytl: Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction" Michelle Malkin

5/6/12 "James O'Keefe subpoenaed by NH Attorney General" Legal Insurrection

1/13/12 "Beck Joins Left, Targets James O'Keefe (Again) Over New Hampshire Voter Fraud Sting" Breitbart

1/12/12 "Guerilla journalist James O'Keefe tells NH crowd state tried to bully him"

6/24/13 "Documents show James O'Keefe was under criminal Investigation for voter ID exposé" The Examiner

1/20/12 "The real reason no one impersonates dead voters" Yahoo News

Vermont Media Coverage

7/7/13 "Before James Rosen, There Was James O'Keefe" American Thinker

3/12/12 "O’Keefe Video Exposes Voter Fraud-Friendly Policies in Vermont" Breitbart

3/13/12 "Project Veritas has released a new video exposing just how easy it is to commit voter fraud in Vermont" Breitbart

3/13/12 "Project Veritas Uncovers Voter Fraud in Vermont" Gateway Pundit

3/13/12 "James O'Keefe proves voter fraud this simple" WND

3/13/12 "Conservative group: Voter fraud easy in Vermont" Boston

3/13/12 "Voter fraud easy in Vermont" Real Clear Politics

6/19/12 "James O'Keefe advises 'don't get caught' after brush with law" Los Angeles Times

North Carolina Media Coverage

7/9/12 "Voter ID Regulations: Real Problem; Wrong Solution" Reason

5/16/12 "James O'Keefe's 'Dead' NC Voter Isn't Dead" Media Matters

5/21/12 "James O’Keefe Almost Sorry For Being One Hundred Percent Wrong" Wonkette

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