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We reveal the undeniable truth that the borders in the United States are not secure. James O'Keefe was able to enter the country illegally without being stopped or questioned by anyone, crossing both the Rio Grande from Mexico and Lake Erie from Canada.

Part 1: Mexico Border

James O’Keefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US

James O'Keefe showed just how easy it is to cross, undetected, into the U.S. from Mexico. Project Veritas traveled to west Texas where the border is just a muddy sliver stretch of the Rio Grande River. O'Keefe encountered no security or border patrol of any kind and was able to walk the 15-20 feet of knee high water from Mexico into the U.S. with ease. O'Keefe even found a metal foot bridge allowing easy (and dry!) passage across the border. Despite the claims of many to the contrary, our borders are not secure, and if James O'Keefe can cross into the country undetected, that means that drug smugglers, gun runners, and even terrorists can do the same. O'Keefe dressed up as the world's most notorious terrorist and donned military camouflage and an Osama bin Laden mask and crossed the Rio Grande into the U.S. in this video.


Changed the National Political Debate Around the Border

After the release of our videos, people actually began to focus on the possibility of Islamic militants crossing into the U.S. through the Mexican and Canadian borders.

Part 2: Canadian Border

"ISIS Terrorist" Crosses Canadian Border on Lake Erie into the U.S.

In this video, James O’Keefe exposed the lack of security along the U.S. border with Canada. In the follow-up to the investigation that featured O’Keefe crossing the Rio Grande disguised as Osama bin Laden, this investigation illustrates the lack of border security by simulating a terrorist infiltration across Lake Erie and into Cleveland, Ohio.

In the video, James O’Keefe is dressed as an ISIS operative to prove how easy it would be for a terrorist to sneak across the Canadian border into the U.S. Not only was O’Keefe dressed in full terrorist garb, but he takes it a step further and travels across Lake Erie with fake bags of ricin and clothes infected with the Ebola virus on the eve of the 9/11anniversary. O’Keefe successfully crosses from the Canadian side into the U.S. undetected by the U.S. border. There were no Border Patrol officers, no ICE teams, and no DHS personnel to prevent this supposed ISIS terrorist from crossing into the U.S.


Senator John McCain Cites Project Veritas Video

During a Senate Hearing, Senator John McCain questions Homeland Security Undersecretary about Project Veritas video.


The national political debate regarding the border changed as well. People actually began to focus on the possibility of Islamic militants crossing into the U.S. through the Mexican and Canadian borders following the release of Project Veritas’s video. This was best demonstrated when John McCain used James O’Keefe’s video as a form of evidence to further enhance his argument against the border insecurity.

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Major Media

9/11/14: "James O'Keefe Crosses the Rio Grande in Bin Laden Costume" US News & World Report

9/11/14: "We proved that border security is national security. The fence is not complete. The border is not secure. In fact, the video shows the border fence is a joke."

9/11/14: "Investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe donned an Osama bin Laden mask and sneaked across the Rio Grande in his new media stunt meant to expose the vulnerabilities of the U.S.-Mexico border." Washington Times

9/11/14: "James O’Keefe Crosses The US-Mexico Border Dressed As Osama Bin Laden" The Daily Caller

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