Campus Constitution Investigation

In this video series, officials at Cornell, Syracuse, and Yale Universities destroy the U.S. Constitution by varying means: at Cornell it was a shredder, at Syracuse it was a pair of scissors, and at Yale it was ripped apart by bare hands, all to protect “triggered” students who might have their feelings hurt. In theses video, which followed a Vassar College official shredding a Constitution, a Project Veritas journalist goes to Cornell, Syracuse, and Yale Universities to see if Vassar and Oberlin were anomalies, or if they were representative of today’s higher education. Sadly, the latter proved true, as officials at all three schools were all too willing to destroy the constitution.

Following controversies at Yale, James O’Keefe and a Project Veritas journalist were detained by Yale police officers after attempting to question Yale University President and the Yale College Dean about the Yale official who was captured on hidden camera by Project Veritas ripping up a copy of the U.S. Constitution.


In this video, a Project Veritas journalist goes to Vassar and Oberlin colleges to see just how extreme America’s colleges have become. Shockingly, she got commitments from leadership at each to shred the Constitution, and in the case of Vassar, Project Veritas’ undercover cameras actually captured the official shredding the U.S. Constitution. Kelly Grab, Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity, Vassar College was captured on video saying, “Yes, I think we have a shredder in the front office there. Did you want to do it with me?” As you can see in the video, incredulously, Ms. Grab proceeds to shred the U.S. Constitution.


Vassar Official Destroys Constitution

Project Veritas video reveals Vassar College Official Kelly Grab shredding a US Constitution because it “triggers” students.


In this video, following the release of a Vassar College official shredding a Constitution, a Project Veritas journalist goes to Cornell, Syracuse, and Yale Universities to see if Vassar and Oberlin were anomalies, or if they were representative of today’s higher education. Jason Killheffer, Yale University’s Director, Academic Integrity Programs; Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator was asked on hidden camera about banning the constitution. When asked, he said, “I hope so, I mean, that’s - that would be like I said, my expectation is if someone were distributing or, you know, posting offensive materials, that the dean would – would listen to that and take some sort of action as appropriate, you know.” Ultimately, Mr. Killheffer decided it would be faster if he just ripped it up with his bare hands, which he did.

Police Ban James O’Keefe from Yale Campus

In this new video, police officers at Yale University detain James O’Keefe and a Project Veritas journalist for merely trying get a statement from Peter Salovey, President of Yale University, and Jonathan Holloway, Dean of Yale College. James and the Project Veritas journalist are told by a police officer, who demonstrates the utmost respect and professionalism, that Yale “is private property, not a state institution so they do have the right to tell you, stay off their property.  So I am going to inform you, that you are not allowed on Yale University property unless it’s areas generally open to the public like museums and libraries.  Okay?” Presumably this was at the request of Yale University in their attempt to stifle free speech.


Syracuse Official Destroys Constitution

Project Veritas undercover journalist catches a Syracuse University Official destroying a US Constitution on camera.

Yale Official Destroys Constitution

Undercover journalists for Project Veritas catch Jason Killheffer, Director of Academic Integrity Programs and Senior Title IX Coordinator for Yale University destroying a US Constitution because it “triggers” students.


In this video, Project Veritas shows a divide in the Tar Heel state. While officials at Duke and UNC acted responsibly, officials at NC State seemingly agreed to ban the constitution in the entryway of one residence hall. North Carolina State University’s Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer Carley Wyche is captured on hidden camera responding to a request from a Project Veritas journalist to remove the Constitution from her dorm: “Especially it is you know, [the Constitution] being such a trigger for you and if there is not a reason for it to be there, that I do not see a reason why we could not.”

Conversely, when asked the same question, Howard Kallem, Office for Institutional Equity at Duke University; Director, Title 1X Compliance stated: “I really doubt that because again, it is part of, we do believe in academic freedom here and this is the part of that.”



NCSU Bans US Constitutions

After the Project Veritas journalist’s encounter, North Carolina State University moved to BAN the US Constitution from campus dorms.

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