Congressman Jim Moran Investigation

Following the investigation into just how easy it is to conduct vote fraud, Project Veritas set out to see if anyone was actively trying to cheat in elections. A Project Veritas journalist recorded a lengthy conversation with Pat Moran – the son of then-Congressman James Moran and field director to his father’s campaign.

Pat Moran provided detailed advice on how to commit voter fraud, specifically outlining the necessary steps to circumvent voter ID laws. When the journalist suggested that he wanted to fraudulently vote for approximately 100 strangers, Pat Moran advised him to forge utility bills in the names of the unsuspecting registered voters and assured him that DNC lawyers would defend him if election officials attempted to invalidate the votes.

Patrick Moran immediately resigned from his father’s Congressional campaign. Congressman Jim Moran subsequently resigned from office the following year, citing the scandal. The Arlington Police Department launched an investigation, and the Virginia State Board of Elections voted unanimously to ask Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to launch an investigation into Patrick Moran. The Virginia State Board of Election approved new voter-ID laws.

James O’Keefe explains in the video immediately below.


Congressman Jim Moran’s son, Pat, was caught on hidden camera by Project Veritas undercover journalists giving advice on how to forge documents in order to vote in other people’s names. Pat’s actions were a clear violation of state and federal law. To make matters worse for Rep. Moran, Pat was also serving as field director for his father’s re-election campaign. The younger Moran cautions the undercover reporter to be careful and states: “I respect your initiative.”

This sheds light on the corruption of voter fraud behind government elections in the United States that many claim does not even exist.


Virginia Passes Voter ID Law

After the voter fraud that Project Veritas brought to light with our Patrick Moran Investigation, Virginia State passes a new Voter ID Law.


Project Veritas cited in a Senate Hearing

The Project Veritas undercover video of Patrick Moran was mentioned in a Senate hearing surrounding the issue.


Pat Moran Resigns

Congressman Jim Moran’s son is forced to resign from his father’s campaign upon the release of Project Veritas’ videos.


 The Washington Post reports on Pat Moran's resignation from his father's campaign following Project Veritas undercover video.
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  This is a fact, and it will piss off liberals, but: James O'Keefe has had more of an impact on the 2012 election than any journalist. Left-leaning Slate acknowledges the "power of James O'Keefe" in its coverage of Project Veritas undercover video of Pat Moran.
  But today, O’Keefe — whom, in case it’s not already clear, we are no fans of —  released a video that actually shows the son of Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, also his field director, give advice about how to commit voter fraud. There are no misleading editing tricks (we watched the full raw video) and Patrick Moran’s comments were detailed, extensive and clear. Left-leaning Salon praises Project Veritas for its undercover video of Pat Moran.
 Print The field director for Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran - his son Patrick Moran - has resigned after being secretly recorded seemingly advising a conservative journalist masquerading as a supporter that utility bills could be used to aid in voter fraud. CBS News covers Project Veritas video showing Pat Moran encouraging voter fraud.
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 Daily CallerDemocratic Rep. Jim Moran’s son, Patrick Moran, has resigned from his father’s campaign after apparently advising an undercover Project Veritas reporter on how to commit voter fraud.

New O’Keefe Video Shows Dem. Congressman’s Son Apparently Advising How to Commit Voter Fraud.

 National ReviewSon of Congressman Jim Moran was caught by videographer James O’Keefe’s camera advising an undercover reporter on how to commit in-person voter fraud.
 usatodayThe son of Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., has resigned from his father's campaign after Project Veritas released an undercover video in which he discussed a plan to cast fraudulent ballots.
 The son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who had served as his father’s field director, resigned from the campaign Wednesday after an undercover video showed him talking about how to forge documents to cast fake ballots.
 The son of Representative James P. Moran, a Democrat from Virginia, has resigned from his father’s campaign after being shown in an undercover video discussing a plan to cast fraudulent ballots.
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 A new undercover video captured Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran's son and campaign field director, Patrick Moran, discussing how to cast a ballot for someone else.
 CNS News
 PrintThe son of Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va.–who serves as the field director for his father’s campaign–has been caught on video advising an undercover reporter how to fraudulently cast ballots in the name of registered voters by forging utility bills and relying on the assistance of Democrat lawyers.
 ArlNow-LogoPatrick Moran, the son of 11-term incumbent Rep. Jim Moran (D), has resigned from his father’s campaign following the release of a video  that purports to show him going along with a scheme to commit voter fraud.
 watchdog-logoThe son of a prominent Virginia congressman agreed to help an Project Veritas reporter forge documents in what he thought was an illegal voting effort to re-elect the president.