Voter Fraud – New Hampshire

Videographers in New Hampshire were able to obtain the ballots of dead people still registered to vote within the state. Our reporters documented poll workers readily handing over ballots of the dead by merely stating the name of an individual (whose names were found in recent public obituaries). Since there were no voter ID laws, the poll workers had no recourse to confirm that the name the videographer stated matched their personal identity. Governor Lynch attacked the videographers, instead of the content of the video, and called for them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Attorney General attempted to issue a criminal subpoena on O’Keefe, instead of protecting the votes of New Hampshire citizens. Ultimately, the video was the catalyst that drove a veto-proof majority through the state legislature, overriding the Governor and paving the way for a new voter ID law.

NH senate passes voter ID bill after Project Veritas video release

NH legislature over-rides Gov. Lynch with veto-proof majority

Instead of questioning outrageous video content, progressive activists petition to investigate Project Veritas

Letter from AG Richard Head requesting knowingly stolen emails from James O’Keefe without subpoena

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton shrugs off investigation; has trouble pronouncing “O’Keefe” correctly

Video sparks comment from New Hampshire house members

Eric Holder’s Justice Department approves of New Hampshire’s voter ID law


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