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Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.31.32 AMA major lawsuit has been settled surrounding filming people on camera.

Four years ago, Christopher Sharp filmed an arrest by Baltimore City police who then berated him saying it was illegal and took his phone, deleting all videos and photos.

Now after the ACLU backed Sharp’s lawsuit, city police have made it clear that it is NOT illegal for citizens to record officers. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said, “I think it’s pretty clear people have the right to film what we do. You guys are doing it right now so it should be a norm for this organization,” as WJZ first reported.

Sharp was also paid almost $250,000 in the settlement.

This is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Perhaps Louisiana could take some lessons from this case, considering they not only destroyed my video evidence in the Mary Landrieu case but also falsely accused me of something I didn’t do.


A funny thing happened recently.

Project Veritas released a video exposing a Republican Congressman and for the first time, a liberal news outlet fairly and accurately cited our video in their coverage! The outlet? MSNBC.

This is a sign of success. Thanks to the support of so many, we have broken through to the mainstream media!

This year alone, as a result of our videos, Texas implemented stricter rules on Obamacare Navigators, a statewide investigation has been launched into Battleground Texas’ potential election fraud, Wendy Davis was forced to respond directly to our videos and now, even liberal outlets are FINALLY citing our work.

Some have asked why did you investigate a Republican? I want to be clear about this: Project Veritas and I will investigate and expose any lawmaker or government official is not ethical and transparent, regardless of their political leanings.

It doesn’t matter if there is an R or a D behind their name if they aren’t being honest with the American public or undermining the integrity of our elections, they deserve to be exposed.

If you agree, please click here and consider donating $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us protect the integrity of our elections.

OKeefedSee what others are saying about our latest undercover investigation exposing a Republican Congressman lying to constituents and clearly showing he doesn’t understand the text of his own bill!

Sensenbrenner on Camera Denies Text of Own Voter Law
National Review

Rep. Sensenbrenner: I hope Obama vetoes my Voting Rights Act fix

James O’Keefe exposes racial question in Sensenbrenner voting rights bill

James O’Keefe Confronts GOP Rep. Sensenbrenner on His Racist Voting Rights Bill
Gateway Pundit

What’s This? Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) Caught Lying On Tape?
PJ Media

Republican Senator Helping AG Holder Fight Voter ID
American Clario

At a town hall of constituents in Rubicon, Wisconsin, Republican Congressman Sensenbrenner denied the fact that the voting rights legislation he is sponsoring excludes white voters from the protection of the Voting Rights Act.  When clearly asked if the Act excludes protections for white voters, Sensenbrenner responds, “It does not do that.”

This legislation would give massive power to the federal government, strip states from governing their own elections and block election integrity laws such as voter ID and citizen requirements to vote.

Watch our latest undercover investigation catching Rep. Sensenbrenner ON CAMERA lying to his constituents about this bill and please consider donating to help Project Veritas investigate corrupt DC politicians – regardless of their political affiliation.


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