Organizing For America: Jim Moran Campaign For Congress

Pat Moran, son of Virginia Congressman James Moran, was the Field Director for his father’s campaign. Our videographer recorded a lengthy conversation with Pat Moran in which he provides detailed advice on how to commit voter fraud in the state of Virginia, specifically outlining the necessary steps to circumvent voter ID laws. When the videographer suggests he wants to fraudulently vote for approximately 100 strangers, Pat Moran advises the videographer to forge utility bills in the names of the unsuspecting registered voters. To comfort the videographer, he assures him that DNC lawyers would defend him if election officials attempted to invalidate the votes, but warned that the forgery has “got to look good”.

This investigation had the widest impact of the year: achieving national cable news coverage on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, in addition to countless Virginia and Maryland television affiliates over the course of the week. James O’Keefe was interviewed tens of times concerning the video content, including on the nationally syndicated Dennis Miller show.

Pat Moran caught red-handed:
Yahoo! News

Arlington Police launch criminal probe:
Washington Post
Washington Times
Town Hall

Cue the television cameras:
Fox News
NBC Washington
My Fox DC


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